How often to cut dogs nails and how much is too much!

How often to cut dogs nails are one of the most common pets owners question. Therefore, we thought that you should now know; how, why, and when you should cut your dog’s nails.

Today, we are going to tackle all the most common issues that face pets owners; starting from how often to cut dogs nails to how to make the nail trimming process easier for you, and your dog.

But, if you are wondering how to clip dog nails that are black, you probably should check this article.

How to strengthen dogs nails for trimming

Dogs nails are very important for your dogs, in fact, dogs nails are as important as our fingers to us. They use it for almost everything; dogs dig with their nails, scratch with their nails, holds their favourite bones, and toys with their nails.

Therefore, taking care of their nails health is very important for your dog, and also for you; because having a healthy dog means saving your dog from the severe pain that dogs cracked nails causes, and helping your dog live a happy, and painless life.

Which will, diffidently, helps you live a happy, calm, and fun moments with your dog.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is very important for your dog’s hair, nail, and skin. It’s incredibly safe for the dog; however, you should ask your vet before you give your dog anything, even if you know it is safe, to check, and give you the right amount for your dog.

Better Diet

I know how dogs can be annoying, sometimes, and want to try everything you eat. However, it is very important to focus on what is best for your dog’s health, what do they need to eat, not what they want to eat.

Therefore, you should choose your dog’s food. Not according to how expensive the food you buy your dog is, but according to how important the ingredients in the food is for your dog.


Yes, regular trimming is one of the most important things you should do; to keep your dog’s nails strong and healthy. 

By keeping your dog’s nails short; you are avoiding any accidents to happen for your dog’s nails, and his/her quick. Therefore, you should pay more attention to the tools you are using for trimming and clipping your dog’s nails.

How often to cut dogs nails to keep them healthy

Clipper or Grinder?

And, if you are wondering which is better for your dog’s nails; using a clipper or a grinder, let me help you know the differences between both of them:


Clippers come in different shapes and sizes, however, the scissor clippers are more popular. Scissor clippers work like scissors; you place your dog’s nail in the small round indention in the front of it, and then you cut that long nail.

Scissor clippers are very useful, and as I mentioned before, a lot of dog’s owners prefer it, but other dog owners prefer using the other option, the grinder.


Grinders are also a very useful tool for dog’s home nail trimming because it is very easy to use, electricity-powered, and also, less dangerous.

It has a very small, rounded, and rotating section of a material, that is used to gently grind your dog’s nail down, without leaving too much miss, or sharp edges left by scissor clippers.

How often to cut dogs nails:

There are several factors; that take part in how often to cut dogs nails, including age, activity level, health level, environment, and your dog’s breed. However, most dogs need their nail cut every 4-to-6 weeks.

1- Activity Level:

Dogs that are super active, play a lot and running everywhere, needs more attention to the length of their nails; because it can hurt anybody, and hurt him/herself as well if it broke and reached the quick.

2- Age

Old dogs tend to be walking less, therefore they might need more frequent nail trimming than dogs who move all over the place, and gets their nails naturally worn down during walks.

3- Health level

How healthy your dog’s nail is, plays a huge part in how frequently you should trim your dog’s nails. So, you have to check your dog’s nails more often; if you found that it looks unhealthy and easy to break, you should ask for your veterinarian advice, and trim your dog’s nail, to avoid painful accidents.

4- Environment

If your dog spends the majority of his/her time home, with you and your family, you will most probably need to trim his/her nails more frequently. But if your dog spends the majority of his/her time outdoors, and walking much, they will need less nail trimming, because their nails will naturally worn-down during walks.

Trimming your dog’s nails depends on variety of factors, but if you started to hear them clicking on the floor while walking, this is definitely a sign, too.

Which is best for your dog’s nails; Grinder or Clipper?

Typically, it depends on your dog’s personality, and how he/she reacts to the trimming process. If your dog is very sensitive to loud noises, you may prefer using a clipper, because the grinder’s noise is much louder.

How often to cut dogs nails and what is best for your dog's nails a clipper or a grinder?
Keep those nails clean!

However. if your dog is fine with noise, but he/she is not comfortable with someone holding his/her paws. You should use the grinder because it takes less time, and effort.

How to clip or trim your dog’s nails

To have a good dog’s nail clipping experience, you have to make sure that you can handle your dog, and can calm him/her down. A lot of dogs are not comfortable with the nail clipping process, and this is normal. However, they should, at least, feel safe.

Therefore, Before starting the nail clipping process, you should make sure that your dog trusts you, and is comfortable with you holding his/her paw, or you will face a huge problem while clipping his/her nails.

Also, you can ask for some help from a family member, to help him/her feeling comfortable before clipping his/her nails, or to keep him/her busy while the clipping process.

How often to cut dogs nails and how to keep them clean

Don’t let those nails hurt your dog

And, of course, if this is your first time dealing with this situation, you can ask your dog’s veterinarian to show you the right way of doing it. Because dogs can be super anxious of the clipping process, it is very normal.

It is also very important to know that there is a first time for everything, therefore, you should show your dog, while he/she is a puppy, what nail clipping is, and how it is done, and, of course, how it is not painful. So, when he grows up knowing that, he/she will not fight it, it will become a normal process for him/her.

What happens if you decided not to clip your dog’s nails?

Well, to be perfectly honest, if you decided not to clip your dog’s nails; you are really hurting your dog.

Long nails can also result in broken quick, and that hurts your dog very much and can become infected.

How to make your dog comfortable with the clipping process and how often to cut dogs nails?

If your dog is still a puppy, you are very lucky; All you have to do now is getting him/her comfortable with the trimming tool, and that becomes easy with knowing how often to cut dogs nails.

First thing you should do is introducing your dog to the clipper, or the grinder you decided to use. So, let your dog sniff it, and get used to its smell, and touch.

How often to cut dogs nails to help them stay healthy and clean

A Healthy dog, happy dog.

Then, touch your dog’s nails with the clipper, or the grinder, and make him/her know how it feels when it touches their nails.

After that, try cutting only the tip of your dog’s nails; to make him/her feel comfortable with its sound, and make sure that its sound doesn’t come with pain.

keep repeating those tips, tell you can feel that your dog is ready for the full experience; then do it.

I know that it sounds like a lot of things to do, but all of those things is only to make sure that you and your dog are having a good time while clipping his/her nails, because we know how things can be hard, if it is done in any other way.

Now, tell us how was your first time trimming your dog’s nails and how often to cut dogs nails you think you should?