Watch How this giant animal passionately rushes to rescue its human friend

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Elephants are extremely intelligent and loyal animals. They have memories that last for years.  They also display signs of joy, anger, grief, play and loyalty. They live in matriarchal family groups of related females and they enjoy strong family bonds. Wild elephants live in family groups under the leadership of an old female or mother. Elephants and humans have many things in common. Both kinds live in family groups and enjoy strong family bonds.  Both kinds’ natural lifespan is about 70 years .

Although when elephants and humans live close to one another, elephants are not considered good neighbors.  Some locals shoot them out of fear. Humans are not aware of the importance of elephant existence. Hunting is a major factor causing the decline in elephants’ numbers.

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Elephants are divided into two species; African elephants are divided into two subspecies, savannah and forest.  While the Asian elephants are divided into four subspecies (Sri Lankan, Indian, Sumatran and Borneo).

Throughout history, elephants have entertained us in circuses, festivals and ceremonies around the world. Asian elephants are extremely important to the Asian cultures. Elephants are endangered because humans hunt them to obtain ivory. Humans are the only predators to elephants.   In 1930, there were 5 to 10 million African elephants. By 1979, that number declined to just 1.3 million! Unfortunately, some people do not care about endangering the existence of elephants, they are blinded by the greed of selling ivory and how much they make.

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On the other hand, elephants react heroically in some stories. As shown in this video, this elephant presented the most loyal aspect that any creature can ever show. It rushed and stepped to help its human friend who pretended to be beaten and attacked by another person. When the elephant saw Thongsri, its owner, getting attacked, it rushed immediately to offer aid. This elephant showed a lot of love, compassion and loyalty which any person would dream of having.

It exceeded the human-to-human relationship and presented a one of a kind bond between animal and human.  It even got down on its knees to ensure Thongsri was alright. Maybe videos such as this one will inspire and persuade humans to stop hunting elephants.