How to clip dog nails that are black? Everything you need to know

If this is your first time clipping your black nailed dog, don’t worry, you are in the right place. We know how to clip dog nails that are black; easy and fast.

Nails are the windows to our health, the same thing applies to our beloved dogs. Therefore, paying attention to your dog’s nail colors, are a very important thing to do. And, choosing the right way of clipping it is even more important.

Why your dog’s nails are black?

Dog’s nails come in different colors. Typically nails colors based on the surrounding skin and hair color. Therefore, white fur dog, usually, has white nails, but black and brown fur dogs, come with black nails.

Furthermore, some dogs; white, black or brown, can come with bi-color nails. However, if you found that your dog’s nails are changing its color and becomes pale. Maybe it’s a sign for a health problem, so you should ask your dog’s veterinarian

How to calm your dog down?

Dog’s paws are a very sensitive part of their body; in fact, they don’t let anyone hold their paws only those whom they trust.

Calm dog
Calm your dog down before trimming his/her nails

Therefore, before you start searching for ways to calm your dog down, first make sure that your dog is comfortable with you holding his/her paws because clipping his/her nails are scary enough for him/her.

Now Here are four steps to calm your dog down before trimming his/her nails:

First Step:

Don’t use the grinder at all, just make sure that your dog is calm; Keep touching your dog’s paw, gently and carefully, move your fingers through his/her toes; tell he/she get used to it.

Doing this for some time can make your dog calm and gets him/her ready for the next step.

Second Step:

Once you feel your dog is comfortable with you touching his/her paw, try to add the grinder, but don’t turn it on. All you want to achieve in this step is helping your dog to get used to the grinder on his/her paw. You may let him/ her smell the grinder, or put his/her paws in it, just don’t let him/her play with it; so he/she doesn’t break it.

Third Step:

Now you can try to turn on the grinder, so your dog gets used yo it’s sound. However, if your grinder makes a lot of noise, we really don’t recommend using it; because it will freak your dog out.

However, you can use this PAWGRND, instead. It is one of my favorite grinders that I ever used for my dogs and one of my how to clip dog nails that are black favorite tricks.

The Electric dog nail grinder a perfect solution of How to clip dog nails that are black
Pawgrnd, the electric dog nail grinder from GLAMOROUS DOGS


The Electric dog nail grinder, is actually amazing for black nailed dogs because sometimes it is a little bit tricky to trim your dog’s black nail without hurting his/her quick.

How to clip dog nails that are black with the PAWGRND
How to clip dog nails that are black!

Also, PAWGRND is super mute, so your dog will not freak out once you turn it on. Moreover, it is made to be painless. So, if your dog is sensitive toward his/her nails, or have experienced pain before while trimming; this electric dog nail grinder will be perfect for him/her.

And, you can ORDER NOW, and SAVE 36%!

Fourth Step:

Put the grinder on your dog’s nail, but don’t finish trimming it; just tap it twice, then remove it. Use this trick twice, then give your dog a treat.

After repeating this method, your dog will understand that he gets a treat if he waits. So, now you will be able to trim your dog’s nails, one by one, in peace.

However, if you think you are done, you are wrong. Don’t forget that you can hurt your dog’s quick anytime. Therefore, let’s figure out how to not hurt your dog while trimming.

Pay attention to the quick!

Unlike us, dogs have several nerves around their nail to the quick. The quick is a part of the nail, but it is colored differently, however, in dark hair dogs; the quick is also dark.

A black dog with a black nail
Dog nails that are black

Therefore, sometimes it is so hard for the one who’s trimming the dark nailed dog nails, to stay away from the quick.

How to avoid clipping the quick?

Well, if you are going to use the PAWGRND, most probably, you won’t face this problem. However, If you prefer using a clipper, you have to make multiple small cuts while you are on your way up, and don’t go too far.

It’s safe to keep cutting the nail gently, as long as you can see the pulp. The pulp is after a white surface in the dog’s nail, it means that as long as you can see the white surface, you haven’t reached the pulp yet; the dark surface right in front of the quick. If you can’t see the white surface anymore, you have to stop.

If you don’t have a clipper, yet, and wondering which one you can get. You can check this one, the SUPERCLIPPER. It has this round head design, that can make your dog’s nail more comfortable in it.

How to clip dog nails that are black using the superclipper
The SuperClipper, from Glamorous Dogs

Also, it’s comfortable for you to use, because of its plastic material; that makes it easier for you to control it while trimming.

And, you can get it NOW and SAVE 33%

What to do if you cut the quick?

Accidents happen. Even if this is not your first time trimming a dog’s nail, a sudden move from your dog can make you accidentally cut your dog’s quick.

In that case, don’t panic. Just apply some STYPIC POWDER to your dog’s quick, to stop the bleeding. Not all the quick cutting injuries require veterinary attention, sometimes all you have to do is applying something to stop the bleeding, and give your dog some treats.

Moreover, try to keep your dog quiet for some time, don’t grab his/her attention to anything playful, or to something that gets him/her excited. Just stay calm with him/her till you check his/her paw, and see that the bleeding has stopped.

If you found that the injury is so bad, and the bleeding didn’t stop. Go to the veterinary, it could be serious.

When you should ask for help?

Actually, if you didn’t know how to clip dog nails that are black, and found it is hard for you to know to trim your dog’s nail without cutting his/her quick; ask for expert help.

And, if you have a very active dog, untrained dog, or anxious dog; you should probably ask for expert help because you have to keep your dog calm while trimming his/her nail, to avoid hurting him/her.

Trimming your dog is a very good experience, for both you and your dog, it keeps you guys bonded to each other, and help you know your dog more; how to control him/her, what annoys him/her, how to keep him/her calm.

However, it can be a very painful experience for your dog, if you didn’t do it right. Therefore, you should keep your dog’s nail as short as possible, all the time, and pay attention to its colors and thickness.

A sad dog
Sad dog

Moreover, choose your tools quite wisely; to avoid any pain that using the wrong tools can cause him/her.

Now, after knowing what you should and shouldn’t do. Tell us, what tools do you prefer using for your dog’s nail, and how you can keep him/her quiet while trimming his/her nails?