How to control those 5 bad dog behaviors

06-12-2015 05-20-47 م

Our canine friends are such adorable, cute, loyal, and amazing friends. They are there for us at any time and love us unconditionally. We love them even when they chew up or destroy one of our most precious items. Well, here are some ways to stop the 5 most common annoying behaviors.


1 – Begging at the Table


It does not matter how cute your dog is when begging for food, you must never give in.  Consistency is crucial to control dinner table begging. Make sure there is no under-table feeding. Even if your dog’s begging doesn’t end, you must stay strong.  Once your dog is rewarded with a mouthful, it will keep repeating the same behavior until all its whining and barking is rewarded in the same way.  Instead of easily giving up, provide your puppy with an appropriate alternative dinnertime activity, such as enjoying their own food puzzles or toys.

You can watch this video to learn how to be a professional pack leader.