How to Cut Dog Hair: The Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners

Cutting your dog’s hair is an essential part of dog grooming

Learning how to cut your dogs’ hair correctly can be one of the first things one has to learn as a fresh dog owner. This is mostly a task that long-haired dog owners have to repeat on a constant basis. So here is a step-by-step guide to help you figure out any difficulties and show you the correct way to groom your best friend.

Does my dog need a haircut?

As mentioned above, especially dogs with long and/or curly hair are subject to this. If you are the lucky owner of one of those, or your dog just generally loves rolling around in the mud or otherwise getting themselves dirty, then yes, very much so.

Without regular haircuts, your dog will have matted fur which would be annoying for both of you. Not to mention, if various bugs and other not/so/nice/things could get stuck in them.



What to do:

There are two options to choose from.

One would be taking your dog to a grooming salon to get a haircut. Even though this method can be appealing at first, the cost of getting regular dog haircuts at a salon may prove to be too expensive for a lot of dog owners.

Furthermore, there are often unreported cases of dogs being mistreated in grooming salons.

Obviously, I do not intend to demonize dog grooming salons and every dog owner should choose own their own what they see best fit for their beloved pet.

The other option , would be to groom your dog by yourself. Now I know that this may make people feel nervous at the beiginng, but I am here toi ease that worry.

So, by simply following the step-by-step guide below you will be able to give your canines safe haircuts in no time.


cut dog hair model dogs 2
Two stunning, well-groomed dogs.


Step-by-step guide

How to cut dog hair… is rather easy.


First of all you need to make sure your dog trust you 100%. I amm sure he already does as only great pet owners constantlywant to improve themselvesto help make their best freinds lives easier.

Start by showing them the tools.

Let them snifthe comb and scissors. Then turn on your automatic trimmer next to them so that they can get used to the sound. Generally, this should not take longer than a minute or two, your dogs should only get an idea.

Now, switch on some relaxing music for both of you. This doesn’t have to be Mozart or Beethoven. It is whatever you two like, as long as your dog can associate it with positive feelings.

For a more detailed explanation on how to get dogs used to grooming tools, read this article.




2.Bath time

cut dog hair bathing
Make sure your dog feels loved and safe

Remember how I just mention positive feelings? yea, this is going to be especially important now.

Some dogs love baths, some…not so much.

If your dog doesn’t like getting soaked or baths this is an important step.

You can’t cut dog hair without washing a dog first.

Also, make sure to bathe your dog in the morning/noon but not later than that so that they have enough time to dry before getting a new dog haircut.

Use non-fragrance shampoos without many artificial ingredients. This prevents your dogs’ nose from becoming irritated and can help keep them calm.



Second of all, make sure the water isn’t too hot or too cold for your dog.

You will want to go for a nice lukewarm temperature. Also, make sure not to get any shampoo or other products in their eyes

Lastly but not least, when drying your dog you can use a blowdryer.

However, make sure to have it on the lowest setting of wind and heat possible and to stay faaaar away from their sensitive ears. The best way would be to simply let them dry naturally in the sun or cuddle them with a warm and fluffy towel.



3.DON’T cut dog hair like this:

  • Never trim the head or tail. Those two places are some of the most sensitive places on their bodies. If you want to get rid of nasty knots or need to downsize their fluffiness a bit, use scissors and a comb. Using a trimmer could seriously hurt your dog, and we don’t want that to happen.

  • Never yell at your dog or turn it into a negative experience for them.For your dog getting a haircut can be seriously stressful at first. Even though it can be maddening sometimes when they run around the house dripping wet or keeping shifting around, please don’t lose your patience. I know you can do this!

  • Don’t cut unwashed dog hair. Bathe them early on in the day so that they have enough time to dry. This allows you to cut dog hair way easier and safer.


For the best result, always use safe products.


4. Always go WITH the direction of hair growth.

Just like with us humans, dogs should get their hair trimmed with the direction of their hair growth. This prevents ingrown hair, irritations and cutting your dog.

Cut dog hair finished process
This dog’s hair is shiny


5. Use scissors and a comb

If you want to trim the area around their eyes, ears or other sensitive parts (including wounds or cuts) simply opt for the old-fashioned style.

Therefore, it is safe to do so without needlessly hurting or scaring your dog.

After all, cutting dog hair can be an easy thing to do.

cut dog hair
Gently trim dog eyes and ears



I hope this helped you a little bit with figuring out the basics of how to cut dog hair and how to groom your own dog. Of course, grooming a long-haired dog such as a golden retriever would be different in a lot of ways from grooming a short-haired dog like a Labrador, but the basics remain the same.

If you have any suggestions, or wan to share a funny dog grooming story simply comment them down below. Read you next time!