How to Train a Dog to Attack

How to train a dog to attack, Many people are interested in knowing how to train a dog to attack, however, we must be aware that this type of training and its consequences are the absolute responsibility of the owners of the pets.

Having said this, the second thing we must clarify is the difference between dogs trained to attack and to be guardians. The guard dogs are usually prepared to let the property owner know that something is not right but they are not always there to attack in command and leave the attack in the same way.

When we talk about how to train a dog to attack, we must understand that it is equally important and more inclusive, that it knows how to stop doing it in command than attacking itself because this will make us really have control of our dog and so we can avoid bigger problems.

How to Train a Dog to Attack

How to train a dog to attack

For many people, having a dog that can attack with an order is more than just a wish, many wish to have a protection dog that can ward off intruders or thieves who want to enter the house or hurt them while walking in the street

If you are one of those people who want to know how to train a dog to attack, do not forget to read these tips that we have for you so you can achieve the perfect training.

1.- If you want an attack dog, it is a good idea to look for dogs of breeds that are known as appropriate for this training. It does not mean that mestizos can not do it, what happens is that a certain type of temperament is necessary to achieve this training effectively and being a very delicate type of training, it is preferred to do in dogs that come from lineages that have history as attack dogs. The breeds most used for this type of training are the German Shepherd, the Belgian Malinois and the Rottweiler.

2.- This type of training is recommended to do it with the help of a professional, this because of the sensitivity of the situation in the case of a training directly dedicated to causing some kind of damage to a third person. If you do not have experience training the best thing you can do is seek the help of a professional.

This training will begin with basic obedience commands such as sitting, going to bed, staying in one place; It is essential that your dog is very well trained in basic obedience before starting another type of training, this ensures that your dog understands perfectly who is the leader of the pack and who should ignore their wishes or instincts, something that will be basic when training to attack.

3.- The pet that is trained as an attack dog should also be taught to be neutral with people and with other dogs, this means that he should not be too friendly or too anxious when encountering other people or animals. This is one of the bases of character that an attack dog must have, that has a good temperament that does not reach either end, it should not be too friendly but neither should it be a dog that can be easily provoked by any stimulus.

4.- You must work with a professional trainer who will begin the training of the bite in command of your dog. First you may use a branch or piece of wood and eventually the training will go to the use of a person in a protective suit to train the command or order to attack.

5.- The training must use a word to get the attack started and a single word to stop it. Remember that dogs deal with orders of short words better and the words we use must be the same throughout the training process.

how to train a dog to attack

How to train a dog to attack command

There are coaches who work in a type of training that is based on teaching the dog to attack not only when the order is given but when he considers that you may be in imminent danger. This type of training is much more delicate and difficult to control, and in many cases can lead to unwanted attacks when our pet perceives danger in a situation that may not be so.

We must mention that some dogs that have been trained to attack have ended up doing it with a member of the family and nobody wants that to happen! We must be very careful if we look for how to train a dog to attack, it is not a command of simple obedience, it is a way to teach our dog to hurt another person; all this must be

Attack dog training

How to train a dog to attack, The basis to achieve a good training is to have a good professional, we really advise you not to do this type of work for you only given the delicate consequences. If you have a good dog with the right temperament and a good trainer there is no reason not to get a good job.

Remember that you must have patience when working with any type of dog training, in addition the consistency is key for our furry to learn the commands or commands we want to teach him; Leaving a dog half-trained can be quite dangerous so this is a decision that you should think with a cool head and carry it through with determination and patience.

how to train a dog to attack

How to train a dog to attack strangers

How to train a dog to attack, No matter the race, every dog ​​can be trained to be a guardian. If you want to train a puppy to be a guard dog it is best to seek help with a professional in this matter, however, if you are determined to do it alone, by following these steps you can ensure that you will be well trained.

  • Socialize the puppy with the environment to get used to traffic, people and other animals. He should be taught to remain indifferent to other animals by not allowing him to chase cats or follow a bitch in heat.
  • Encourage him to bark when someone approaches the house. Most dogs bark automatically unless they are taught not to, when someone comes to the house and the dog barks, telling him he is a good boy and that he can stop now because you are there and the person is a friend, not to be an acquaintance, allow him to continue to bark and praise him for this. It is important to train him to stop barking only when he is told to do so.
  • Train him not to run after the intruder once he has left the property, to do this you have to make sure that the dog knows where his territory ends so you have to walk it around the perimeter of the property until you learn the limits.
  • Train the dog to attack the clothes and not the exposed skin, this can be done by pulling the sleeve of the shirt back and with the bare hand saying “take it”, do not use words like “kill it” or “attack” and once that he finished saying “let go”, remove the dog’s mouth from his arm if he does not release it and take the sleeve to his hand again.
  • Identify the areas of an intruder’s body that the dog should bite. You want to bite the ends, preferably one leg and then hold on to the person until help arrives. In the last step, you must have learned the order to release or release, a good watchdog will not release the intruder until his owner or a police officer gives him the order to do so.
how to train a dog to attack

Basic obedience commands – attack training Teach basic obedience training. Require The attention of the dog at the beginning of each training session. Teach verbal commands such as; Come, sit and stand still and these same commands through hand signals, you should also learn automatic commands such as sitting whenever you get where you are.