Hundreds Have Gathered In The Memorial Of Ike, A K9 Dog Who Died While On Duty

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Losing your dog is a dog owner’s worst nightmare, and it’s something that no one likes thinking about. Life becomes so dark and dull without them, and it hurts so much. K9 dogs everyday face situations that put their lives on the line, and sometimes it ends their lives. This is what happened to the loyal dog Ike, and it’s a truly sad, heart-wrenching story.

Hundreds of people gathered to attend the a public memorial service, honoring a Vancouver police dog that was stabbed on duty and later died. Approximately 250 to 300 people attended the memorial, in honor of Ike, the K9 dog. Volunteers held flags, and 50 K9 teams from Washington, Oregon, and Canada lined the sidewalk to honor Ike, the six-year-old patrol and drug detection dog. Ike’s handler, Jack Anderson, was presented with a honorary Purple Heart for the K9 dog, and was also given a Medal of Valor by the Washington State Police Canine Association.

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Ike was on duty, on September 1, and he was helping track a suspect. When the dog found him, the man brutally stabbed Ike multiple times, according to the reports of the court.

Ike was immediately taken to DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital in Portland to treat the stabbing wounds on his chest, back and head. Sadly, with complications in the surgery, Ike was euthanized the following day. He was buried in his handler’s backyard, and so many donations have poured in from the community in response of the horrible incident.

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Anderson buried Ike with his 2 daughters and wife, writing on the grave “end of watch.” Anderson will never forget his dog, he would do it all over again if it means spending more time with Ike. Rest in peace, Ike, we all will never forget you. Don’t forget to share this heart-wrenching story with your family and friends.