This husky dog is afraid of car rides, so her owner calms her down in a very kind act.

husky dogThis husky dog is afraid of car rides

In this video you will meet the most kind and loving owner, because it really seems that this owner cares very much for his dog, and you will meet the most beautiful husky dog that you will love her instantly.

This husky dog is named Shiro, she is 10 months old, but Shiro is having one single problem, she is afraid of car rides. The owner of Shiro the husky dog decided to help his dog; it seemed that he is very patient and loving to his husky dog, so he decided to help her to get over her own fears.

He took her on a ride, but he found a very kind way to calm her down, and that way was “holding paws”. The owner of Shiro the husky dog said that he found his dog randomly doing this when she rides the car. Each time he takes his hands away, she grabs them again to let him hold her paws; it’s a very kind act. He recorded this video while he was taking her to his parents, he explained that he took her to his parents at the hours of his work, so driving the car is a main thing in the day, and each time he calms her down this way to help her get over the fear. He also explained that he don’t drive fast when the dog is in the car to not reduce her fears. He also said that the situation is different now, and he is leaving the car window down all of the time to let his husky dog enjoy her time.

husky dog
husky dog