Husky pup arguing about taking a bath.


Are you ready for cuteness overload? Bath time in this household must not be fun. Watch the video of Aurora who is a Husky pup as she tells her owner she does not want to take a bath. Aurora sounds just like my child who does not want to take a bath very often. This is a very funny video! I am amazed that Aurora seems like she is talking and saying she does not want a bath, it makes the protest even funnier. I can’t wait to see more videos about Aurora. She is amazing and super cute.

Husky pup arguing about taking a bath.

The most common mistake an owner can do with their dogs is saying that it’s bathing time, once they will know, they will start running. So it’s better to get a treat for them in the bathroom so they can associate bathing with food, which will make it a lot easier.

It gained a huge success and received more than 3 million views on YouTube, I was afraid to look out at the comments that will call the owner as an abuser of the dog because he just wants her to bath, but I was mistaken this time. but some viewers thought that she had a problem with the slippery edge of the tub, but I guess it’s to short that she can jump on it easily. So tell us, what do you think? Share this cute video with your family and friends, no one can resist aurora’s cuteness.