If you are a dog owner then you have to see this video, you have to remember.


Dogs are so precious, amazingly, loyal, and a perfect companion. If you own a dog, then you are so blessed. So you have to open your eyes, just remember it’s not a forever thing, and someday they won’t be there, so you have to ask yourself a question, am I a good owner? People who don’t realize how lucky they are to have dogs are those who don’t give them enough time or love.

One day your dog will die, one day his happy tail will stop quivering, one day his perfect heart will stop beating, one day you will wish for one more walk outside. So give them all the time they need, and all the time you have. So don’t skimp it on them; sneak around, jump up, play together, because your dog will always be a child even if he had grown up.

Dogs are the best companions; they are incapable of negativity, not a selfish complicated one, dogs are so loving serving, and all what they are asking for is care and to give them love in return.

One day your dog will die, till then you should leave them do what they want, let them run, walk, jump, don’t get mad at them for whatever they had did. Who cares if they get dirty? Who cares if they ruined something from your stuff? Let them be free, let them explore the world.


One day it will be just pictures, his smell will fade away, and your home will just become a house; once a dog is in your life, your world changes from normal to the most wonderful and joyful one. Dogs make you happy, make you proud and give you love, they just give and give till the last breath of their life.