Top Lessons Learned About How Our Actions Affect All Livings From Watching This Stuck Leopard

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We’ve heard of many rescue stories about people who find cats with a head stuck in a tin can, or a dog with a muzzle stuck in a plastic bottle, and when it comes to alike situations, you don’t even think! You will find yourself rushing to try to rescue the poor creature. But what if you discover that the animal in need of your help is an actual leopard; would you rush to the rescue?

In Rajasthan, India, a leopard was found with his head stuck in a steel pot.  The poor thing was searching for water, that’s when he found some at the bottom of the pot, and when he attempted drinking it, his head got stuck inside it. The video shows people standing helplessly, not knowing how to help the leopard, and at the same time the leopard is trying to free himself from the pot. The ending to this story, unfortunately is unknown.

I think that the best solution to situations like this is to call a special wildlife rescue organizations; they can professionally deal with cases like this.

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This leads us to question ourselves, How do our actions harm helpless animals?  When throwing gum in the street, some birds die by getting stuck in it, because they aren’t able to move and search for food. Throwing cans on the street, repeats the situations of the leopard but with furrier and smaller animals like cats and squirrels.  A cat once had her head stuck in a can but thankfully a man helped her get it out.  Without his help she would have died.  So think twice before abandoning objects, littering the parks or areas where animals can pass by.  We have to try our best to avoid harming these helpless creatures by placing all our rubbish in the right place.  Not every stray animal will be able to find someone to save them.

Watch the video below, and share this story with all of your family and friends.