If your dog begs for a bite of your meal, watch and learn!

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If you do not know how to keep calm and assertive when your dog is begging for food, you can learn something from this pack leader who has put his rules into action.  He did not respond to his dogs’ persistent begging for food until his order to them to settle down has been executed.

One of most common issues dog owners face is their dogs’ begging for food. Mostly, as a side effect of loving their dogs, they give in to whatever their dogs ask for. Therefore, when dogs beg for food, it is almost too hard for us to bear.

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You should not give your dog the food once they beg for it. Although it seems common sense, many people can’t consider it when looking into the wide eyes of their beloved dogs. Your dog’s whine are another tool against you, it knows to use it over and over again because it works!

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You know that you feed your dog well! If you don’t, you may talk to a vet to relieve your concerns. However, your dog will always look at your food even if not hungry. You should not feel sorry for it, even when staring you back with those innocent and sorrowful eyes.

Begging is a behavior for attention-seeking. You should ignore that behavior rather than giving into the demands of your dog. Remember to be consistent and patient until your dog learns that begging is ineffective, and it has to be 100% ineffective all the time. Also make sure that everyone at home follows the same rules.