If your dog does any of these, it loves you.


Have you ever thought if your dog loves you or not? And by this I mean if your dog loves you for who you are not because you are the one who offers him food. How can we know if our dogs love us back? These are 5 things that your dog will do f he loves you, so does your dog do something of it? Did your dog tell you before that he loves you?


If your dog is enjoying the playtime with you or invites you always to play with him, you know then that your dog loves you. Especially when they are trying to wrestle with you, it’s a normal way to show love, and it’s also a new game to play and have fun.


Sleeping by your side in bed is a sure way that your dog shows with it how he loves you; it keeps them safe and warm. It simply shows how they want to be near you; it makes your dog feel more comfortable. He sees you as his pack, he sees you as family.


If your dog jumps on you, the dog will not make a step like this if he does not love you too much, the dog jumps on his owner especially in welcoming time. It’s a show of excitement and joy by your presence in the dog’s life.


Tail wagging is one of the ways that your dog tells his owner that he is happy with him. It’s a sign of happiness, it’s also meaning that he is happy around you, he loves you deeply. It’s a sign of feeling comfortable.


If your dog is following you everywhere, he is madly in love with you, he wants to be with you in every moment, he can’t leave you alone; it’s the guarding and protecting instinct of a dog because simply he loves you.