Dad Saves Family Dog’s Neck from a Mountain Lion’s Jaws In the Last Second!

For every family owns a pet, it is a well-known fact that there is a very special bond formed with these adorable creatures. It is really amazing how their love can be so sweet and unconditional. Anybody needs a proof can just check out this pull terrier pup who won’t stop kissing this baby, or that pup who wags his tail overjoyed when he reunited with his owner!

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Kirk Fetter was sitting in his home expecting nothing but another good day to go through. That is when he heard his wife screaming because their dog was being attacked. In seconds, Kirk jumped rushing outside, to be surprised of that their poor pup, Tiki, was being taken as a prey by a mountain lion! Without a second of thinking, Kirk ran bravely towards the wild animal!

Although the couple heard that some mountain lions had been seen earlier in the area, they did not realize the threat until the moment they saw the throat of their beloved terrier shepherd in the jaws of one of them! Miraculously, the wild animal left Tiki before Kirk reached them, before running away bake into the woods!

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In a lucky twist, Tiki was able to survive that terrible attack. Other than the six staples in her neck, she got out safe from the jaws of that mountain lion!

Tiki is very precious to the family. According to Kirk’s wife, Chanida, “She’s like my first daughter, I had her, maybe she was like 3 months old. I fed her like my baby.”

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Fortunately, Tiki is fine now, and on her way to full recovery in the good hands of her loving family. It would so hard on Anna, the couple’s daughter if her hero dad did not move fast to save the life of her so much beloved companion!

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