In the middle of the dog agility competition, the dog stopped.

12-13-2014 2-01-20 PM

This is the funniest video to watch today, I can’t stop laughing about it. The video was recorded from the dog agility which is a kind of a dog sport. Simply, it’s all about handle directs dogs throw an obstacle course, it’s full of funny games, and it’s an amazing competition to watch. Dogs run through the obstacles and the slide with just the help of his owner without touching, the owner is not allowed to touch the dog or even the obstacles, he is directed by the owner’s hand direction or body signals, well trained dogs can do it. It needs lots of training and exercising to your dog to win such a competition. But what this dog did in the competition is the best thing ever to watch, you will end it up with endless laughter. This dog is very smart but he made a mistake.

This is a hilarious thing to watch, this beautiful dog started the race perfectly, from the first moment you will believe that he is the winner of this competition, he ran through all the slides and obstacles, fast and furious, he blew the people’s mind, and he was running perfectly and competing ferociously. Watch till you reach 0:33 to find out the biggest surprise, you will be completely shocked. Suddenly, the dog stopped, without a reason. The audience was shocked but still smiling about what this cute dog had done, I think he couldn’t handle this kind of obstacle, or maybe the dog didn’t understand how to jump or run through it. This dog’s owner was completely shocked, she aimed to win this competition, this competition needed lots of effort and training, she felt like all the efforts were thrown down on floor, but don’t worry, your dog had blown all our minds, he is still perfect, maybe he didn’t won the competition but he won our hearts.