In the middle of the night, the dog wakes his owner up in a very scary way!

 In the middle of the night, the dog wakes his owner up in a very scary way!

Did your dog surprise you once while you were sleeping? Imagine if you wake up to see two large eyes staring at you! This is exactly what happened with this owner, but lucky for us she recorded it all on camera. Donna was sleeping, in a deep dream, enjoying and relaxing, but suddenly she found her Border collie dog making noises while staring at her with his two golden eyes , and he was still coming closer and closer. OH MY GOD it’s a scary movie! I doubt that she must be scared. As Donna said, she was surprised when she was woken up in the middle of the night by her Border collie dog Murdoch. The cute dog doesn’t care if his owner wanted to continue her sleeping.

Some YouTube viewers said that maybe the dog wanted to play, and he didn’t care about what his owner is sleepy or not, or maybe he didn’t recognize that the time was late! Or maybe Murdoch was meaning something with his Huffs and puffs; he wanted to say something to his owner.

To avoid that interruption you can control the time of your dog sleeping by knowing how many hours your dog sleeps. All dogs sleep more than humans, which affects the activity level in their day, also the more activities they do, the more sleep they will need. Mostly dogs are sleeping about 50% of their day, and 30% of the day resting, they will be awake but without doing any activity and they are active only for 20% where it is time for exercising and playing, so let those 20% of the time be while you are awake to avoid living these tiresome moments.

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What would you do if you are in this woman’s situation? These 40 seconds will make you laugh hilariously. Watch this funny video below and don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and family.