Incredible pup stuns audience and judges on the stage of Belgium’s Got Talent!

Watch the Xena singing in the hilarious video below!

There is a very strange impassioned relationship between dogs and music. I have seen many videos of pups that are truly talented singers, but the pup in the video below may just be my new favorite for a long time ahead. I love to believe that any of you, dog lovers, will very much love the show of Lady Xena, the pup who took the stage of Belgium’s Got Talent by a storm! This pup truly knew how to use her brilliant talent to entertain the audience. There is no wonder they could not believe their eyes!

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As you can see in the video below, Xena cannot help but get super excited once she hears Whitney Houston’s song, I Will Always Love You! Just watch to the grand finale and keep your eyes on Xena as she cannot simply contain herself once Whitney hits that high chorus that everyone loves so much!

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During Xena’s entire performance, the judges and the audience were in hysterics, and there was a pretty good reason for this, I guess. I have always been a huge fan of Whitney Houston, and I love this song so much, so it is amazing to see this cute pup, Xena, has the same taste as mine in popular music.Petsfans 0038 - 3

Mick and Daphnée are Xena’s parents. Mick says, “We bought Xena when she was 12 weeks old. We went to a café, she was sleeping and the place was playing the song by Whitney Houston. But when Xena heard the sound of the song, she began to sing. It was really weird.”

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