Infographic: How To Crate Train Your Dog

9-17-2015 3-59-16 PM

Every dog owner wants his dog to be trained on crate, it is used for many reasons, like traveling, it’s also a safe place in stressful times, you can put your dog in it. It’s also used during boarding or going to the vet or the groomer. This beautifully designed infographic is showing you the right way to start crate training for your dog, by reading this you will be ready, you will understand the 101 crate training basics.

First thing to care about is the cratesize; you should choose onethat suites your dog, every dog weight has its special crate. Also you should check the crate type, and it depends on its usage, there are so many types of crates, the wire carte, the travel crates which are used in travel and transportations, some of the travel crates are designed for air travel, and the decorative crateyou can put in your home.

Training your dog on crate is not hard, you should be patient while training your dog, first introduce him to the crate, put it in a quiet place, and put inside some of your dog’s favorite stuff like his favorite toys, and also add a soft blanket.

Ask your dog patiently to get inside, you can also use some of his favorite treats for that, you should also choose a command like “Crate” so you could use it later when you repeat this.

When you notice that your dog is feeling comfortable inside, close the door only for a few seconds and open it again, then gradually increase the time.


Once your dog feel comfortable by going inside and outside the crate, things will be very easy. Read this infographic well and don’t forget to share it with your dog owner friends, it’s very useful.