instead of bunnies eating their food, they ate the guy who was feeding them, it’s totally funny


Bunnies are beautiful, but what happened in this video is indescribable. It all happened in Japan’s rabbit Island, and as a part of bunny island web series.

That man decided to feed those wild bunnies, yes the video started normally, and the man was enjoying what he did, but what happened next was epic, instead of the bunnies eating the food the man had offered them, they ate him. All the bunnies just jumped on him; it seems that they love him. This video is incredible; I can’t stop laughing about what happened to the man. But beside everything, it’s very kind thing from him to feed those bunnies, he is humane.

instead of bunnies eating their food, they ate the guy who was feeding them, it's totally funny

Bunnies are beautiful, they weight about 0.4 to 2 kg average, their length is about 20 to 50 cm, they sleep about 8 hours daily, and their lifespan is from 9 to 12 years. It’s so much fun to know some facts about those adorable creatures. The female rabbit and the male rabbit have different names, the female rabbit is named doe and the male rabbit is called a buck. The bunny ear is very long and can be as long as 10 cm. Bunnies mostly feed on plants. It’s amazing to have a rabbit pet. There so many breeds of bunnies like mini lop and rex rabbit and Holland lop, they are all furry and beautiful.

Bunnies are cute and adorable, but what you will see in this adorable video is the most perfect ever, watch this amazing bunny who takes a shower in a very special way, it’s completely unbelievable, l wonder if it’s a shower or a relaxing bath. Also don’t miss to watch the story of “Bunny” the dog who was left abandoned and left to die till it was time to survive. Enjoy watching.