Is This The Cutest Way Ever For Demanding Something?

It is more likely for dogs to be well mannered. Most pups are well-behaved friends, but in the video below you can obviously see that the beautiful pup has already lost all patience with his owner! He had almost no qualms with expressing how the man with the camera was upsetting him!

In the video below, you can see how Apollo is such an adorable German shepherd puppy. Besides that there is no doubt you will just love to look at that pretty pup, you won’t also be able to keep back your smile when seeing how grumpy he gets with his human.

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Apollo’s owner seems quite nice enough while asking his beloved pup what the problem is. Apollo’s only responded by knocking around his bowl with his right paw! This has only one meaning; “business”!

Just for you to know, Apollo was just pretending as if he is hungry and starving, the smart pup has eaten a large meal just short time ago. Despite this, anyone looks at the clever pooch could not figure out that this is the case!

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However, it looks like Apollo had finally gotten his post-lunch treat! It would not be strange for his owner to hear him complain in an hour or so for his pre-appetizer snack!

Dogs love food just like how they love playing and running, and after watching this video, you can do nothing but to love dogs!

It feels so good to see Apollo enjoying his beautiful forever home where he is provided with good enough food. Hopefully, all dogs could find such loving humans and live in beautiful forever homes.

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Via Littlethings