Issuing new law insures no military working dog will be left behind forever!


More than 2.000 dogs are currently serving in the U.S Military. Each military dog saves the lives of countless servicemen and women overseas. In the approachable past, military working dogs were left behind on foreign soil.

If dogs are retired, technically speaking, they become civilians and are no longer qualified to travel on military vehicles so they are no longer able to reunite with their partners. Fortunately, it is not a common issue of practice for dogs to retire overseas.


Congress drafted some new legislation to prevent such unreformed policy from presenting such problems to military dogs ever. On October 7, the National Defense Authorization Act passed the House and the Senate. This bill includes language supported by the American Humane Association mandating military working dogs be returned to U.S. soil upon retirement. The dogs’ families and handlers will have the first right of adoption.


Thousands of veterans suffer from post-traumatic stress when coming home from war, and the dogs aren’t excluded from this. The best way in treatment is to keep the military dogs with their handlers because they help each other heal.


Dr. Robin Ganzert, American Humane Association president and CEO says:

“This is a great day for military heroes on both ends of the leash. We believe ALL our veterans — two-footed and four-footed — should come back to a hero’s welcome, a loving, forever home and the happy, healthy and dignified retirement they so deserve after a lifetime of service to their country.”


The bill now awaits the president’s signature and we are sure that the bill will become law, because all of us want every single one of our veterans including the military dogs to return back home to love and respect.