It Is Her First Time To Ever See Another Elephant!

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It is hard to believe that even the biggest animals in the world now and then need the help of humans. If you take a large animal as elephants, for example, you will find that elephants need the care and help of humans and they can’t take care of themselves all the time.

Unfortunately, some humans are able to harm these beautiful creatures. In that case, there are people who do their best and fight to protect these amazing creatures in the whole world.

For example, in Chang Mai, Thailand, there is a shelter for elephants only. This shelter is made to care for elephants who have been abused and forced into hard working or entertainment trade. The shelter is the perfect place for elephants to hide from poachers.

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In that place, elephants can live peacefully with a bounty of land to stretch, explore and enjoy the nature. The place is essentially made to take care of these amazing creatures.

It is unbelievable that humans have the ability to harm such big creatures as elephants, but that actually happens. Elephants are forced to work in transportation in Thailand to entertain tourists and they are forced to perform at circuses for the amusement industry. This is just not fair!

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I recall a story about a circus elephant that tastes freedom for the first time in her entire 50 years, can you believe it, 50 years!

This story is about two circus elephants named Sita and Mia, who have spent 50 years in captivity, living their entire lives in chains. I can only imagine how horrible their lives used to be! But thanks to Wildlife SOS, the two elephants’ lives have changed. Read the full story to know what happens next!

Elephants are similar to humans in their social nature. They live in family groups and they make good families. Even the baby elephants are very attached to their mommas just like us.

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