It looks like a normal dog, but this vet discovered a horrifying object inside the dog’s bladder!


I have no doubt that this is something that you haven’t seen before. Dr. Matt is a veterinarian, who worked for Vet Ranch Rescue, had discovered that there is something wrong happening with this homeless, middle-aged dog, from the outside you will think that this dog is healthy and playful, but after the medical check, and some x-rays, and he was totally surprised when he discovered something unexpected. The vet discovered that there is a stone in a soap size inside the dog’s bladder.


Bladder stone is known to be an accumulation of chemicals that is produced by the body, surprisingly, this stone was formed in the bladder through years and grew bigger till it reached the size of the stone.

As Dr. Matt said, it’s the biggest stone that he had ever seen. At first, he was very scared to do such surgery, as he said it’s the first time to do that type of surgeries. But thankfully, the surgery was successful.


The video below is showing the complete surgery, you should know that there are some graphics at some parts of the video that point to the surgery. But thankfully, the dog is so well now, and by the end, Dr. Matt said that she is ok, she started to heal.

The Vet ranch paid for the surgery by the donations of the viewers who thankfully helped the cute dog to finally recover. You too can help those animals in need and help them have a happy ending by donating for them; you can donate in that link: http://vetranchrescue.org . You can also follow Dr. Matt’s pup-saving adventures on the Facebook page Vet Ranche.


Nothing is more amazing than seeing a dog that lives healthy and happily after suffering. Watch the video below and share this amazing recovery story with your family and friends.