It Seems That This Broder Collie Is Having A Ninja Walk, But Wait Till You See The END!

2-18-2015 1-46-22 PM

It’s kind of a funny and pretty game between those wonderful dogs, it’s amazing to see that group of dogs, and they all got their own specialties and their special way in entertaining their selves and playing. A five border collies dogs figures a new way, they want to entertain themselves in the most adorable and funny way. It’s a much wired game but joyful, maybe it’s a ninja move style, or maybe it’s the collie walk. You will see one of the dogs walking in a slow motion till he reaches his friend, and when he reaches him, that dog also do the same slow motion move and when they get closer to the other three dogs, they all run towards each other; the music is matches perfectly with those funny moves.

For your information, no slow motion where used in the video, you will find out that some of their moves are in the rhythm with the music beats, the music fits perfectly.

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Border collie dogs are furry and charming, they are very intelligent dogs, and they are very smart as you have just so in this video. They can be trained for a very high degree because of their intelligence.

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Farmers always have them, because they can learn many tricks that can helps them in work. Border collie dogs are also sensitive; they also must be well socialized. Border collie can hear anything that moves, and their curiosity may let them fall for anything, so it’s better to put a fence surrounding the garden if he is an outdoor dog.