It’s a funny compilation of dogs who are playing dead, and the secret word is “BANG.”

Dogs are playing dead

Dogs are funny pets, they always make us laugh and smile, and they are joy. This video is a compilation created by Tiger Productions, the dogs in this video are just “playing dead” with their owners. Bang is the secret word, once their owners say it, they will act like they just died. They kept on wagging their tails in their dead position; some of them needed to be shot twice, I think they are so affected by movies. They are lovely, but some of the scenes were adorable. They all act different, but some of them had acted the scene with pure perfection and were so dramatic, like the husky in 0:36. She acted it perfectly, with painful voice. Some other dogs turn around for couple of times, they are just so dramatic. All dogs are trained to act like they are dead after a hand shoot, or the secret word “Bang”.


Dogs are playing dead, and the secret word is "BANG", it's the funniest compilation of all.

The video was created and uploaded by Tiger Production who is specialized in compilations. The video had crossed one million views; most of the viewers liked the husky in 0:36 most.

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Dogs are professionals in the playing dead game, watch this video of a dachshund dog who is doing the running bang perfectly. Also don’t miss to watch this video of a dog who is playing dead in the middle of the driveway, you won’t stop laughing when you know the reason.

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