It’s a story of saving 2 abounded puppies, but it’s a very different one, they will catch your heart

saving 2 abounded puppies

It’s very heartwarming to see a story of survival of a dog; it’s amazing to feel that those dogs are safe out there, and that they find the help they need.

This story is about two dogs, they are very close friends, they were abounded and living now in the streets of Los Angeles, some people tried to help them but the dogs where so afraid that they wouldn’t let anyone gets closer to them. So “Rescue from the Heart” organization went to save them but it wasn’t as easy as they thought it would be.

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The volunteer started to throw some treats to the dogs from a far distance just to drag them to where they we standing. They ate it and it seemed to be an easy rescue but they were totally mistaken; one of the dogs were trusting, but the girl didn’t trust enough, the boy came closer to her but when he took a step forward, his friend barked at him loudly like she was shouting at him, she was like saying “it’s a trap, don’t go to her, run away” she really was very nervous.

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So it was the time to set a trap for the girl first, because it’s so hard to catch her. The volunteer set one and put some cheese burger inside, and went away to watch. The two dogs came and they get closer to it but the cool boy entered first, he wasn’t the goal, after a little time the nervous dog entered the trap and she fell for the trap. The funniest thing is that she didn’t mind she is caught, she kept on eating her burgers, and the boy dog needed not to be left behind so he came to the volunteer waiting for the safe life that was waiting for both him and his girl.

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They named them Monica and Chandler, and when they reached the shelter they had a perfect shower, and they looked amazing, now they are ready to be adopted, waiting for the safe and loving home. Don’t forget to share this amazing story with others.