It’s a very special reunion. Cat sees owner after 6 month

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This is one of the most funny and hilarious videos of a cat when he sees his owner after six months away. If you are waiting to see the best reunion ever, you are very wrong.  It is such a typical reaction for a cat or maybe not, I loved it!  I kept waiting for something unusual to happen but I was very surprised to see the reaction of this beautiful black cat.  The poor owner comes in and calls for Charlie, his cat.  What do you think a typical cat that is obviously a spoiled and well-loved cat would do?  He told him that he is back but Charlie kept on laying on the couch normally like he was saying “..So? “. You can see Charlie is yawning, you are so cool Charlie. Watch to see by yourself this not-so-typical reaction. Get ready for contagious laughs.

The video got hugely successful on internet after it was uploaded on YouTube, it received more than 8.7 million views, also a huge numbers of shares all over the internet. If you are a cat owner, does your cat do the same? Share it with your friends and family who owns cats to see their opinion.


The question here, is it a common act between all cats? Or does it depend on the cat’s temper? Actually it really depends on the cat temper and the way you treat it, some cats greet their owners amazingly, and the others are completely different, they act the same way as Charlie, so there isn’t any scientific explanation for this.

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