It’s the best dog gift ever for Christmas; what he had done is amazing.


Have you ever celebrated Christmas with your dog or gave a present to him? If you need an idea for a Christmas present for your dog, here is an idea of a gift for Christmas. The dog’s name is Maymo, and 210 plastic bottles seemed to be the perfect gift. It’s unbelievable but actually your dog will love them.  This video shows a dog who received plastic bottles to play with. The moment that the pyramid of bottles fell down was an indescribable moment; he is dressed in a Santa hat and started by knocking down some of the bottles and running after them, he also tugged on them tightly. Maymo totally had lost his mind. He is so adorable playing with the bottles, he runs through them, he slides through them, and he carries them around. He is so cute and playful. I think it’s the best Christmas gift ever, and the most memorable Christmas for him.

The video was shared widely on the internet, it became a very popular one after it was uploaded on you tube and gained more than 3.9 million views. Who could resist this amount of cuteness?

There are so many ideas for a Christmas gift for your pet other than those plastic bottles’ pyramid; what about a box full of stuffed animals? Your dog will fall in love with it instantly, you will see his happiness while he is tugging and getting the stuffed cotton all out. Also you can make the room full of colorful balloons; the most stunning thing ever for a dog is to pop them all. Those ideas are easy to prepare for; well…You will enjoy it when you see your dog celebrating and jumping everywhere.