It’s the cutest bear attack that you will ever see.


Oh goodness, this is precious!! It’s very rare to see such a video recorded for a bear cub, what you will see now is the cutest and most adorable of all. This cute bear cub kept on jumping and biting that man, even as a bear cub, you can tell it has very sharp teeth by the man’s reaction.  I wonder where they found the bear cub and where is his mother? I am sure she must be close by since this bear cub is so little. How cute and playful is the interactions between the man and the baby bear cub? He is so cute, his hands, legs and face are adorable, and he is just a little baby. Maybe it will be the cutest bear attack till mama bear come and eat all of those people, LOL!  This is adorable. After seeing this, it makes me want a bear cub of my own.


I think this video is categorized under the very rare records; the video was uploaded on YouTube and gained a huge number of views that crossed 7 million views and thousands of shares.

Baby bears are called cubs, by nature, they just stand beside their mother, so they can learn how to deal with life and survive on their own, and how to hunt and get food. They are full of energy and they’re playful. They leave their mother after the age of year and a half, but siblings may stay another year together for protection. Whatever they are, cubs or real big bears; they are very cute and lovable animals.


The Cutest Bear Attack Ever