It’s the sexy “Dachshund dogs” pool party, and it looks like a blast!

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I am amazed, I can’t stop watching this! I’m amazed by what those dachshund dogs are doing. They are on a vacation, and it’s a pool party at Crusoe’s place! The dachshund dogs are wearing bikinis! Seriously, I wish I was invited there; the dachshund dogs look incredible in bikinis and swimming suits and also sunglasses. Especially when their tails are out from it, it’s cute! And don’t miss also that part at 2:21, at this part I couldn’t stop laughing when I watched it, it seems that one of the dachshund dogs forgot her second piece of the bikini

Despite all the fun we saw here, you have to know that breeds with short limbs as pugs and bulldogs and dachshunds, have a real difficulty keeping their noses above water, those must be always on the dry sand. It needs too much power for them to keep their nose above, and the truth is that not all the dogs have the ability to swim, some are crazy about water like this dachshund dogs, and some can’t stay a long time in water.

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All dachshund dogs are so sweet. The dachshund dog is very tiny and cute, his short legs make him the cutest dog ever between all breeds, training them is very important, because they are rule breakers. A Dachshund dog is smart and intelligent; they are also full of energy. Also always watch out their weight, because a dachshund dog can easily become fat, so you have to exercise them daily to avoid that, also you have to schedule their meals. Maybe the dachshund dogs are short in legs by they are high in personality. It’s recommended to start carte training when you first bring your dachshund dog.

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