Jericho, Cecil the lion’s brother is killed!

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The whole internet was on fire after they heard the news of Cecil the lion, the most famous lion in the country that lived in Zimbabwe, he was killed by an American dentist, and the reason was to win a hunting trophy. But we were not ready to hear this horrible news about Cecil’s brother.


Only hours ago, the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force announced that Jericho the lion that was known as Cecil the lion’s brother was shot and killed immediately by a hunter.

It’s shocking, in the same time that people all over the internet and also the country was calling for extradition of the dentist, and in the same time people demanded rules to be set to prevent hunting lions, we find that another heartless man is out there killing more lions.


Africa’s Most Famous Lion Killed By American Dentist, For Trophy Hunting!

As an immediate act, the park had to put a statement at 3:30 p.m., the statement announced a ban of hunting wildlife animals including elephants and lions.

According to Johnny Rodrigues, the chairman of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force, that Jericho was protecting Cecil’s cubs after his death.

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But positively, this accident will help the process that took place in Zimbabwe to extradite Walter Palmer. Lately, a petition had collected more than 100,000 signatures that demands to extradite Palmer to Zimbabwe, which means that we are waiting for the white house’s respond.

On the other hand, Palmer had announced later that the hunter regrets killing Cecil the lion, he didn’t know that he is a “Known, Local favorite Lion”

The death of Jericho had left us heartbroken.Share this full report with the people you know who are interested in Cecil the lion’s case.