Jumpy is the smartest dog of all, see how he did the skid boot routine perfectly

2-26-2015 5-42-07 PM

Jumpy is a clever and smart dog, I haven’t seen a dog trained so well as Jumpy in my entire life, he is the most amazing dog. His owner wanted him to try the skid boot routine, and by how all the dog acts, it refers that he is trained so well. I think humans maybe get the orders wrong if they tried the same routine, but he did not. The owner tries to shuffle the order, shuffling numbers when he needs to count, but the dog didn’t make any mistake.

2-26-2015 5-42-38 PM

There were some orders that are mixed together, he was trying to put his dog under a serious and hard test, like saying “stays – back – slow – one step – turn – back – one step – one more step”, he also asked him to not look at the ball and he did it perfectly. The most magnificent part is when he starts to count, 1, 2, 2.5,9 … I thought the dog wouldn’t get it but he understood and that is just intelligence.

2-26-2015 5-42-52 PM

If you want to train your dog, you have to be patient and calm, not ever yell on your dog, and get prepared for lots of treats. So now you want a smart dog? You better choose a smart dog, see the 10 smartest dog breeds in the world, don’t miss also to see this video of that smart dog that is solving mathematic problems that he can’t solve; he will surprise you by his brilliant way to solve the problems.