Justice For Ball, Dumped With An Unbelievably Swollen Head

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This disturbing footage shows a Pit Bull severely mistreated by his owner!

Sadly, this is another story about animal abuse. A Pit Bull was severely abused.  He has an inflated head. His deep injury is caused by a collar being wrapped extremely tight around his neck. The dog’s sight was obstructed due to the swollen head.

The poor Pit Bull was rescued from this torture he suffered from and taken to the Duemari Veterinary Clinic in Oristano on the island of Sardinia, Italy.

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This disturbing and heartbreaking footage was released by the clinic showing the Pit Bull being fed by the vets.  This was probably his first meal from a very long time!

The swelling around the Pit Bull’s face was caused by a nylon collar that had been wrapped so tightly around his face for a very long time!

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The extremely tight nylon collar wrapped around the poor dog’s face, had embedded into his skin which  led to a serious and extremely deep wound.

The vets who had named the Pit Bull, Ball, removed the nylon collar and allowing the dog time to recover.  He still, however, has a long journey to reach full recovery.

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Take action and seek justice for poor Ball. Make sure that his abusive owner gets the punishment he really deserves. Animal abuse is common, unfortunately.  However, it should never be tolerated by those who witness it. Take action NOW by seeking the maximum penalty.  You can also help by donating towards Ball’s recovery.

Share with your family and friends and don’t forget to sign the petition!

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