Kids shed happy tears after their cat is back, it’s a heartwarming reunion.


Nothing is more beautiful than reuniting with your pet after a long time, but the most beautiful thing is to find your lost pet, and this is what happened to this family. Madison the 13 years old cat was missing, her family was down. The lost cat was missing for about two months, they couldn’t handle how to live without their pet, they don’t even knew where is she or what she is doing, but they never lost hope, they kept on searching everywhere, in animal hospitals and in shelters. Thankfully, they found it, but this time without using a microchip. The mother and the owner of Madison the cat spotted her near the gas station, she couldn’t believe her eyes then, and she brought her back home. The best part in this video is when she decided to surprise her kids, so she planned for a surprise and grabbed her camera to record this heartwarming reunion. They were asked to sit patiently and wait for their mother because there is a big surprise waiting, and when they saw Madison between their mother’s arms, they couldn’t believe it. Both kids started to show happy tears, it was the tears of joy. It’s a heartwarming reunion, they all felt very happiness, and it seems that they love Madison the cat very much. Watch the video below, and it will also be amazing if you just shared this amazing reunion with your friends and family.

This video is an invitation, it is very important for you as a pet owner to have your pet micro-chipped for this reason. The microchip is a non-identifying circuit; it’s placed under the dog’s skin or any other animal. It’s in the same size of a rice grain. A radio frequency identification technology is used to identify your pet if it’s in a shelter.