This kitten was near death, but he fought for his life! See his amazing transformation.

Stories like these make me smile, knowing that there are people out there trying to make a change and dedicating their time to save pure, innocent animal souls. This is the story of Little Stuart, the kitten who fought for his life, the adorable kitten who did not give up. A group of kittens were delivered to FFR NWA (Fabulous Felines Rescue), a nonprofit cat rescue organization, and when the kittens were delivered, no one thought it was possible to save any of the kittens. They were all too weak to survive, especially the smallest kitten in the group, who was full of fleas and infections and was not in good health. However, Little Stuart had another plan in his head, he was not ready to die just yet, and he fought for his life.  After 8 months now, Little Stuart is having the time of his life, living the life he always deserved. Also, he was adopted by one of the volunteers of the organization; I guess the volunteer couldn’t resist Little Stuart’s cuteness, because neither do we.
Now Little Stuart is 8 months old and in perfect health and shape. See his amazing transformation in the pictures below.
1.This picture was taken when Little Stuart first came in, you can see how bad his shape and health were.

2.After only six days, Little Stuart was inches longer than the chap stick tube, he looked a little bit better.

3.In this photo he is six weeks old, he started growing up.

4.By three months, Little Stuart started to look like a normal, healthy cat, although his weight was only 2 pounds.

5.Eight months now, let me just say that his blue eyes are amazing and mesmerizing.

6.He is now living the life he deserves, he is such a fighter.