Kitties want to help their owner in wrapping Christmas gifts, hilarious!

 Kitties want to help their owner in wrapping Christmas gifts, hilarious!

Yes, we know, little cute kitties, all what you want is to “help” your owner, that is so obvious. I can’t stop laughing on what happened in this video; it seems that those kittens really wanted to help their owner in wrapping Christmas gifts. The owner locked himself in the laundry room to complete the mission of wrapping, but luckily for the kitties, not for their owner, both kitties’ caught the wrapping paper from under the door with their paws, then the battle started, you won’t stop laughing on this. What’s amazing about it is when the owner opened the door for them, the kitties gave him that look of “Do you need any help?” This is a very funny video that you have to watch.

Most cats are not in love with Christmas Eve, you will see them always in various videos, when they break the ornaments or miss with the Christmas tree, and maybe they also cut out all the Christmas wrapping papers needed for the gifts. So, as an owner you have to fix this. To have an unforgettable Christmas with your cat, first decorate your tree with cat-friendly decorations which is not breakable; also bring a beautiful Christmas gift to your cat, a new bed, or a new toy or even fancy food, or a scratch board. At Christmas Eve, prepare your cat an amazing treat that is not ordinary or one that it is not used to in her daily life. Try to play and have most of the time together, all this stuff will make Christmas unforgettable for your cat.

Before you head to any other link, watch this amazing compilation of cats who really hate Christmas. And watch this funny video below, and if you liked it, share it with your family and friends.