Koala approaches bikers and surprisingly asks for something unexpected!


In Adelaide, Southern Australia, a group of cyclists was out in the wild nature for some training, that is when something they did not expect happened!

We know that the strangest things could happen in the wild, especially when animals get curious. However, it never came to those cyclists’ minds that they would have a close encounter of such a curious and social animal. Who actually was a wild animal in need!

When the cyclists were riding along the road, they came across a koala. The poor creature looked so exhausted and overheated. They cyclists knew that koala has probably lost her home in the bush fires. Therefore, they called professional animal rescuers to come and save this little helpless animal.


While they were waiting for rescuers to show up, they provided the koala with a cool drink. You can see in the photos how the koala climbs on one of the bikes! The female koala, as turned out later, did not hesitate to jump as if she was asking for drink! It looks like this koala knew that cyclists have water in those bottles!


Last year, the frequent fires have eliminated 37 thousand acres of the forests, which caused the loss of homes for koalas and many other species. No wonder this koala was suffering from heat and looked like “she is going nowhere” when the cyclists met with her on the road! Probably, this poor little creature could not find herself a tree. I hope this unexpected meeting ended up well, with a second chance for that homeless cutie to have a safe home.

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Via Hero Viral