Lady is a survivor; see the full story with the golden happy ending

Lady waiting to be adopted. Photo Credit: Facebook

Everyday a new story is being told about survival of strong dogs, and here is the story of Lady, the black Labrador.

It started when the owner of Lady died in 2012, but the owner’s family found a new small young dog and they felt like they don’t need Lady, they didn’t want an old dog because it takes more energy and effort to take care of her, so they thought it’s better to send her to a shelter so she can find a new place to live her last golden years in.

Lady was adopted in a new home, another family, but she didn’t make it there, she missed her real home so she ran away and walked for 30 miles, but the cold-hearted family didn’t accept her back and send her to a shelter again, lonely & homeless.

The story was so well-known on social media, Mrs. Helen Roseburg read the story while she was in Hawaii, she lost her senior black Labrador, and her name was Granny, so she decided to help lady and offered her home and love.

She ordered her staff to contact Chautauqua County Animal Shelter, and finally Lady got the forever home she is dreaming of. It’s worth mentioning that Mrs. Roseburg came to take Lady with a plan, and it was the same night that she arrived to her 11,000 square foot, three-story house, she has landed in the best home she could ever wish for, living happily ever after.

Lady flying in style to her new forever home. Photo Credit: Chet Ragsdale