What she does with this Layer Cake Is Absolutely Inspired

3-1-2015 4-23-42 PM

This is amazing and incredible, it’s the first time for me to see such a thing, I love to see how these amazing decorations made for cakes, and this one surprised me. The girl in the video decided to make a cake for her father for his 60th birthday, so she decided to make it look like a model of her dad’s dog, and she recorded every moment of it to show us how to make a dog shaped cake. Every day we see those who make incredible cakes on TV. This video shows how the cake made step by step.

3-1-2015 4-24-13 PM

This cake is very suitable also for your dog’s birthday. It’s amazing to celebrate your dog’s birthday; here are some ideas that will help you in doing that. It’s amazing to do it by your own; it’s a way of showing love to your dog. First make your dog a homemade gift, you know your dog better and you know what makes him happier. Make the day only for your dog; just be with him all day long. Buy your dog a new collar, it’s like buying new clothes, or go buy him some toys from the pets’ shop. The most important thing is food, give your dog the food he likes, if there is some food not allowed, give him some of it but not much, and don’t forget about the cake, a dog shaped birthday cake will be amazing, also buy your dog some of his favorite treats. Try something new with him; plan to have an adventure together. Let him explore the world. Sing your dog some songs, don’t forget about the happy birthday song, you have to know deep inside of you, that your dog deserves all this and more.

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Watch this video below and share this amazing talent with your family and friends