Learn This Trick To Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks

31-12-2015 03-33-39 م

Dogs like to discover to wander around the place sniffing here and there! Despite this fact, they may get scared of silly things and consider them threats. One of these things that pose a threat to dogs is hearing fireworks.

For us, humans, fireworks are a suitable way to express celebrations, surprises and we use them in certain occasions as long as we don’t hurt others or disturb them. On the contrary, fireworks aren’t acceptable to dogs and they pose a scary experience for them. Dogs may get too scared and even run away and just disappear seeking the feeling of security.

Learn this easy trick to ease this experience for your dog.  This should help it get rid of its fear.

Holidays and celebrations during occasions such as the 4th of July are the perfect time for us to have fun, delightfully spend time with others and enjoy watching the fireworks displays. But our dogs don’t share the same excitement, the loud noises and different oders outside scare them.  Once the fireworks start booming, many dogs get frightened.  Fireworks can make dogs run and hide and that would lead them to danger.

Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) lately tweeted about a quick and easy way to make your dog feel safe and secured. This simple wrap can be made with just a piece of fabric and could possibly save your dog’s life.

The wrap is designed to calm your dog so it doesn’t get the urge to run away.  Getting lost or running into traffic is not the ideal scenario during these events. If you don’t feel like making the wrap yourself, you can purchase a similar creation called the Thundershirt that has the same calming effects.

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