Lioness trusts man with herself and her new born cubs, heartwarming!

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This video is guaranteed to leave you speechless. There’s a big chance you’re going to watch it more than once or twice! I personally just felt so amazed by what’s shown in this video. The relationship which this man shares with the lioness, the cubs, and their father, is unbelievably heartwarming.

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As we all know, lions are wild feral animals, but like all other animals, the mothers have a strong motherly instinct for her cubs. Before watching this video, I would have never believed that a lioness could trust anyone, let alone a human, to handle her cubs so easily!
He plays with the cubs and their mothers in the most adorable way ever. It’s amazing to see how wild animals like lions can show such a clear form of affection for a human being. As we know, lions and cats are basically from the same species, and that is very obvious in the way the lions move when they’re playing with him, and how, for example, they like to have the top of their heads scratched.
As you can see in the video, the lioness and the man are best buddies. The man in the video is Kevin Richardson; he is a famous animal behaviorist from South Africa, and who is most known for his work with African wild animals like hyenas and jaguars.

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It’s very important to note that this video in no way encourages ordinary or unprofessional people to deal with any kind of wild animal especially lions. Kevin Richardson is a trained professional who has spent years gathering the skills needed to perform this job. He also stated that he never deals with lions that he wasn’t present with them since their birth.
We are very grateful for him for being there for those animals and risking his life for helping them whenever they are in need. This video truly warmed my heart.