Little Boy Wants To Play Fetch. But The puppy’s Reaction? Must Watch

We all get mood swings from time to time. One moment we feel great, the next we just don’t feel like doing anything. That seems to be the case with our little friend here. This puppy is just not up for a game of fetch right now. His toddler friend keeps throwing him little balls for him to go fetch, but his attempts are fruitless.

7-22-2015 4-48-15 PM

In the meantime, the little baby insists on playing fetch with his puppy. He throws balls for the puppy to catch while looking at him expectantly, but to no avail. As you can see in the video, the toddler is trying his best to persuade his puppy to play. He starts shouting unintelligible words at the puppy that seem to mean ‘fetch’. However, this stubborn little puppy just won’t budge!

7-22-2015 4-48-24 PM

In the end the toddler gives up. It seems like there will be no playing fetch today. However, the baby just loves his puppy way too much to get angry with him. He runs at him and gives him a heart-melting hug. Isn’t it just adorable! It’s like he is telling the puppy ‘I really wanted to play fetch, but If you don’t feel up to it, then I don’t mind. I love you anyway.’

This thirty-six second clip is one of the sweetest things I’ve seen recently. It’s just amazing to see this innocent little baby following his natural instincts of love and acceptance. He has just demonstrated to us the true meaning of unconditional love in a pure and simple way.

7-22-2015 4-48-37 PM

Also, this shows that animals can get moody too. So, if you’re pet doesn’t want to play, then they probably are really not feeling up to it. It’s okay to respect our pets’ preferences and accept that they too sometimes don’t feel like doing stuff.

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