And this is how this little dog helped Santa, it’s the Christmas magic.

12-3-2014 10-37-39 PM

Christmas is just around the corner; gifts, Christmas trees, those magical days are very close. I am sure that dogs could feel this magic, they feel how much we love those days, but do they actually understand what the meaning behind Santa Claus and Christmas is?

I think this beautiful little dog does understand what the meaning behind all of this. The video starts when the little dog Jasmine, delivered a mail, and guess from whom? It’s from Santa; Santa asked the little dog to help him in delivering presents, and he sent her the Santa clause uniform as a gift. The little dog jasmine did the job in a very perfect way. This short movie will melt your heart, especially when you will see how the dogs are happy with their amazing gifts. The end of the video was perfect, when the little dog wore her pajamas, she prayed and went to sleep, then Santa came on and put gifts for the little dog, he was thankful for her because she brought happiness all over the town.

And this is how this little dog helped Santa, it's the Christmas magic.

To have an unforgettable Christmas with your dog, first decorate your tree with decorations which is not breakable; bring your dog’s Christmas present to your dog, a new bed, or a new toy or even fancy food, or some stuffed animals. At Christmas Eve, prepare your dog an amazing treat that is not ordinary or one that he is not used to eat in his daily life. Try to play and have most of the time together, all this stuff will make Christmas unforgettable for your dog. Also you can dress your dog up with funny Christmas clothes, there are so many ideas for a dog’s Christmas present; what about a box full of stuffed animals? Also you can fill a room with colorful balloons, those ideas are easy to prepare for; well…You will enjoy it when you see your dog celebrating and jumping everywhere.