Little German shepherd vs. a huge wolf! Keep your eyes on the tiny puppy

5-22-2016 3-16-55 PM

While there are so many people out there fear wolves and think of them as vicious creatures, some other people prefer to think that there are no “bad” animals in our world. For these people, there are only wild animals that follow their instincts.

However, when it comes to the huge wolves, most people would think of them as wild, vicious, and feral animals. In fact, it seems awkward how some people think of those huge wolves as cute and cuddly. Still, there are no secrets in this case, as the latter group just believes that all animals have a kind sense of warmth and nurturing when being with the little ones, regardless of the species, and no matter how aggressive those wild animals may be.

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Smokey is a hybrid wolf, but this does not prevent him from playing with Charlie, the little German shepherd puppy. The user who uploaded this video on YouTube honestly admits that this wolf is a mix of a malamute dog and a wolf. However, Smokey is still more than three-quarters wolf, besides he looks really big and very strong!

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Whether Smokey is more or less three-quarters wolf, it is undoubted that he is much stronger than the little Charlie. Somehow, Smokey seems to know that babies like Charlie have the right to grow stronger just like himself, but they first need to build their strength and confidence.

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Surprisingly, according to the description of the video, Charlie and Smokey have just seen each other, but it was obvious that they have not needed any time to become best buddies. Charlie also seems so confident in himself, and it will not be surprising if a little puppy becomes a police k9 officer in few years!

Certainly, humans should keep their eyes on their dogs during playtime, and when the pups finish, it is important to bring them into the cool atmosphere inside again. The humans of the adorable pups in the video below keep a close eye on them, this video can be one of the cutest videos we have ever seen.

Watch the adorable wrestling match between Charlie and Smokey in the video below!


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