Little Girl And Her Mom Wait Their Ice Cream, Then A Dog Shows Up And Does Unthinkable Thing!

What do you love to relate to summer the most?

I love to remember those playful days outside at grandma’s house back when I was a child. Unfortunately, my grandpa was not too keen on kids playing in his yard, and that is why we were always ending up playing in the communal driveway. My brother and I were used to going to a neighbor’s house to swing on their swing set and to swim in their pool. Then, we would all hear the beloved familiar tinkling jingle sound of the ice cream truck in the neighborhood!

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Every kid can recognize this unmistakable sound. Whenever it is heard, it is as haven comes into the middle of a hot summer day. For any child, there is no feeling quite like rushing inside and begging dad or mom for some few dollars to get an ice and cold treat.

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I can tell that not just kids love the ice cream truck turning into their corner. Of course, people of any age would love their local ice cream man, but there is also one furry customer who might be fond of ice cream even more than any human does!

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Once the adorable pup in the video below heard the jingle and saw the bright pink ice cream truck, he knew exactly what he should do.

Luckily for us, dog lovers, this pup’s owner filmed him as he ran up to the ice cream truck while a little girl and her mom were making their stop. However, it seems like this dog did not the only barge in on their transaction!

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