Little girl walks into the barn, but doesn’t know her mom and dad hid a HUGE SURPRISE!

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On Christmas day 2010, Annie’s mom and dad prepared a very special present for her. She had no idea what she was about to discover.  She was already wondering if Santa had brought something for her or for her beloved horses.

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Annie went with mom to the barn to check, that is when she found dad sitting on the ground holding his camera and waiting for her! Annie was so happy when she found that Santa has left something. A big red bow, a basket filled with treats, and some other pretty-looking gadgets. Still, Annie was wondering if these pretty things are all for the horses!

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Annie was so excited when she discovered that Santa left them presents (Snapshot: You Tube)

At first, Annie thought these presents are all for the horses, but in actual fact her parents were playing a trick on her! It seemed like Annie did great this year, and that is why she deserved an amazing present.   Inside the basket, Annie found a book, markers, a pink brush, and a mysterious letter from Santa!

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Annie was excited when she thought that the gifts were for her.  Little she knew that they were actually for her.

When Annie read the letter, she realized that all those gifts were actually for her! (Snapshot: You Tube)

While Annie thought that these are all her gifts, she was extremely excited when the biggest surprise was revealed.