A little Persian kitten is enjoying tickles, it’s adorably cute.


I am totally amazed by this video; this 8 weeks old Persian kitten is blowing minds. Little Persian kitten likes to be tickled. The Persian kitten paws, her ears, her eyes, her cute hands ups, her fur, and her everything is adorably cute. This Persian kitten is adorably cute. This video will make your day. It’s very joyful and cute.

Persian kitten are very beautiful; they are very charming, and the best home companion. You better enjoy that furry coat while you’re hugging them, because they love to cuddle. Persian cats are well known for their furry coat that actually needs lots of grooming and care, with their cute short legs; they got a very soft voice, with a very cute rounded head and a small deep nose. Persian cats’ eyes are beautifully rounded; their colors are amazing with some shades in them. Yes, they are the most amazing, beautiful cats ever.

If you own a cute kitten, you have to take good care of them, it starts with providing them with a wide safe place, you have to keep them warm, the cute kittens could catch a cold very easily which is very dangerous in their very first weeks. Before you hold one of them and after, you have to wash your hands very well with soap and water, and just soup and water, no extra products. And because little cute kittens may have several health problems in their first few weeks, you have to plan a vet visit to check up on them. Little kittens must stay next to their mother for several weeks, the first 45 days in their life, so don’t separate them from their mother earlier than that. It’s adorable to watch their first days when they first open their eyes and explore life; it’s very cute to see them trying everything for the first time.