Lost dog Dora, reunited with her family after seven months


That feeling of an owner who reunites with his pet is priceless and indescribable. This is a story about Dora, a dog. On the 4th of July 2012 who was so frightened by fireworks she jumped over the fence at the backyard of her safe home and ran to hide. The family looked and looked, they were so distraught. No signs were found, hopes were fading away, but they never gave up. After 7 months especially on 7th February, the family received a phone call from CCAS for animal adoption where they scanned her microchip and were able to locate her owners.  The reunion was very emotional, she wasn’t wagging her tail or happy like any another reunite, she was missing her family, like all she needed hugs and petting, I felt like she was crying, without her microchip she might have never reached her family.


Annually, 5 – 7 million animals entered shelters, and only 15% find their owners and their lost home. This video is an invitation, it is very important for you as a pet owner to have your pet micro-chipped for this very reason.  If your pets get lost, any animal clinic should be able to scan the chip with your information on it and give you a call. The microchip is a non-identifying circuit; it’s placed under the dog’s skin or any other animal. It’s in the same size of a rice grain. A radio frequency identification technology is used to identify your pet if it’s in a shelter. Take your pet to the closest vet, and microchip your pet, so they never get lost.