Loving dad films an awesome pregnancy time lapse video of his Labrador!

Ruby is an absolutely adorable chocolate Labrador, who has been hiding a surprise for her human, a secret she only knew.

At first, Ruby’s owner could not figure out what was going on, but his stunning Labrador was behaving a bit strange, then he began to think about the secret she was hiding from him, and from the whole world.

Scroll down to find out what Ruby was hiding!

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Within a few days, Ruby’s owner was almost certain about the reason why she has been acting weird. He suspected that his beautiful Labrador was carrying a big batch of puppies in her belly. This was an incredibly amazing secret for him to reveal!

We usually see human mothers capturing videos of their “pregnancy time lapse”. Ruby’s dad believed that his adorable pup deserved just as much recognition and praise. Therefore, he did his best to keep her absolutely still standing in the same spot every few days, and capture a photo of her.

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In the beginning of the video, there isn’t a notable change on Ruby. However, by the end of the video, you can obviously see how large the space her puppies are taking.

This one of a kind pregnancy time lapse video took three months. When you watch how Ruby’s belly gets bigger and bigger, you would certainly know that it takes a huge amount of dedication to become a mother, whether this mom is a human or just an adorable pup like Ruby!

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