A Loving Dog Sneaks Out Of Her Kennel To Calm Scared Puppies


The good people of Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming in Canada were deeply touched when they saw the action of a dog towards tow crying puppies.  One night, while they were checking on their dogs, as usual, they discovered that one of the adult dogs they were boarding, sneaked out from her kennel to get close to two sobbing puppies who were terrified after they arrived earlier on that day.  The dog was attempting to comfort them by getting close to them.

The pet motel’s security camera captured the whole scene and showed the heartwarming moment when the loving dog crept out and cuddled the new comers.

The little puppies were about nine/ten weeks old.  They were both sobbing all night for fear of being alone without their mom.  Just like any human baby would.


Not only being away from their mother, but the might have been terrified of the new place, a feeling every dog or human will understand and relate to.  Maggie, the loving and caring dog, heard their cries and decided to sneak out to comfort and calm them.

Alex Aldred and his mom Sandy, who work at the pet motel, were at their home when they saw the footage. Sandy rushed to the shelter, to allow Maggie access to the puppies’ kennel.  Sandy realized that the three of them needed each other and Maggie was her only hope to offer comfort to the poor puppies.

Deanna Thompson of the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society, told ABC News that this kind of devotion isn’t rare in dogs.

It’s innate in a lot of female dogs, especially if they’ve had a litter in the past. It’s just in their nature. We’ve seen it in a lot of dogs even with male dogs, when they hear other puppies crying they want to console them and make sure they’re feeling safe”.


Maggie now has a loving forever home, but the two little puppies are up for adoption and they are still waiting to find a forever home.

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